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Simply Ribbon Rosette Components & Tools
dot Woven Edge Satin Ribbon dot Pleated Ribbon
dot Embossed Edge Satin Ribbon dot Tiers & Tier Decoration
dot Printed Ribbon         dot Standard Knife Pleat Tiers
         dot Bespoke / OEM printing         dot Tight Knife Pleat Tiers
         dot Stock – Grosgrain Polka Dot Ribbon         dot Standard Box Pleat Tiers
                   dot Grosgrain Ribbon Page 1         dot Tight Box Pleat Tiers
                   dot Gross grain Ribbon Page 2         dot Ruffle Pleat Tiers
                   dot Grosgrain Ribbon Page 3         dot Petals
                   dot Grosgrain Ribbon Page 4         dot Loops
                   dot Grosgrain Ribbon Page 5         dot Stars
                   dot Grosgrain Ribbon Page 6         dot Points
                   dot Grosgrain Ribbon Page 7         dot Arrows
                   dot Grosgrain Ribbon Page 8 dot Rosette Centers
                   dot Grosgrain Ribbon Page 9         dot Card - Hot Stamp Printing
                   dot Grosgrain Ribbon Page 10         dot Card - Full Colour Printing
                   dot Grosgrain Ribbon Page 11         dot Button - fabric cover
                   dot Grosgrain Ribbon Page 12         dot Badge with plastic myler cover
           dot Printed ribbon – stock designs         dot Photo Frame
                   dot Candy Ribbon dot Tails
                   dot Christmas Ribbon dot Fastenings
                   dot Baby Ribbon         dot Safety Pins
                   dot Glitter Ribbon         dot Kinked Safety Pins
                   dot Halloween Ribbon         dot Bridle Hooks
                   dot Happy Easter's Ribbons         dot Plastic Fasteners
                   dot Organza Ribbon         dot Magnets
                   dot Dogs Ribbon dot Guides for Sewing & Backing Discs
                   dot Stars Ribbon         dot Guides for sewing
                   dot Valentine Ribbon         dot Backing Discs
dot Woven Edge Grosgrain Ribbon                    dot Sewing guides for kinked safety pin rosette
dot Velvet Ribbon                    dot Sewing guides for safety pin rosette
  dot Guides for Gluing
          dot Gluing guides for kinked safety pin rosette
          dot Gluing guides for Bridle Hook rosette
  dot Reels of cotton
  dot Hot glue guns
  dot Hot glue sticks
Champion Range Rosettes Standard Range Rosettes
dot T0150 dot Standard Knife Pleat: 1 Tier
dot T0250 dot Standard Knife Pleat: 2 Tiers
dot T0350 dot Standard Knife Pleat: 3 Tiers
dot T0450 dot Standard Knife Pleat: 4 Tiers
dot T0550 dot Tight Knife pleat: 1 Tier
dot T0650 dot Tight Knife pleat: 2 Tiers
dot T0750 dot Tight Knife pleat: 3 Tiers
dot T0850 dot Tight Knife pleat: 4 Tiers
dot T0950 dot Standard Box pleat: 1 Tier
dot T1050 dot Standard Box pleat: 2 Tiers
dot T1150 dot Standard Box pleat: 3 Tiers
dot T1250 dot Standard Box pleat: 4 Tiers
dot T1350 dot Tight Box pleat: 1 Tier
dot T1450 dot Tight Box pleat: 2 Tiers
dot T1550 dot Tight Box pleat: 3 Tiers
dot T1650 dot Tight Box pleat: 4 Tiers
dot T1765 dot Ruffle pleat: 1 Tier
  dot Ruffle pleat: 2 Tiers
  dot Ruffle pleat: 3 Tiers
  dot Ruffle pleat: 4 Tiers
Promotional Rosettes and Advertising Rosettes Stock Range Rosettes
dot Mini Rosettes dot Standard Knife pleated Rosettes
           dot T0139 dot Tight Knife pleated Rosettes
           dot T0137 dot Standard Box pleated Rosettes
dot Money Box Rosettes dot Tight Box pleated Rosettes
dot Key Tag Rosettes dot Ruffle pleated Rosettes
dot Photo Frame Rosettes  
dot Sports Club Rosette collection  
dot Fridge Magnet Rosettes  
Sashes Ribbon Trimmings
  dot Ribbon bows
  dot Ribbon barrettes
  dot Crochet Trimmings
  dot Ribbon Roses
  dot Rose Ribbons
  dot Rosette Trimmings
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