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Ribbon Rosettes - Champion Range.

On this page you can see examples of our ability to make high quality champion ribbon rosettes which include various tier decorations such as petals, points and loops. We have our own in house design department which can turn our client’s ideas into reality. 

Please click the thumbnails for a larger picture and detailed specifications of each item. 

Tier decorations are available separately in the rosette components section of this catalogue.

Our Ribbon. 

All our rosettes are made with environmentally friendly, luxurious polyester satin ribbon, with solid, fast, vibrant colour.  To learn more about our ribbon click here.  

Center Cards. 

- Center cards without printing come free with each rosette; either attached or packed separately.

- Embossed or full colour printed center cards have a setup charge of £20 / $30 per design, refundable after 3000 pcs run off. 

Production Time. 

- Generally orders up to 5,000 pieces can be completed within 20 days but we can always try to accommodate our client’s requests for shorter delivery times. 

Minimum Order. 

- Orders may combine any products or ribbon from our catalogue in any assortment.

- We have no minimum order, but there is a GBP100 / USD 200 charge to cover exporting costs if your order is below GBP 1500 / USD 3000.

To learn more about our working terms click here.

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Available Ribbon Colours. 

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